Nothing finishes a design like adding some sparkle! Or you can cover up an oops! Either way, cosmetic glitter from The Face Paint Shop is a must. There are heaps of options for adding glitter to face and body painting. Here is some advice on various glittler options.

Cosmetic Glitter 

The best and only glitter for face painting is cosmetic glitter. Always always always use cosmetic glitter for the skin. Cosmetic grade glitter is made from safe plastic particules, and wont cause cause irratation or damage. Craft glitter is very different and is made from tiny metal shavings. Nobody wants that on their face! The Face Paint Shop ONLY stocks cosmetic grade FDA approved glitter safe for face and body panting.

Loose Glitter 

Loose glitter is the most popular for face painting. It comes in heaps of colours, and different degrees of thickness from ultra fine (our favourite) to chunky glitter. Loose glitter can be applied to face paint while its still dry and the glitter will stick to the face paint. If you want the glitter to last longer, you can use a safe cosmetic gel like our Heart Face Art glitter applier. if you want glitter to stay for days like for glitter tattoos, then you would use a cosmetic glue. Nothing stronger is necessary.
Loose glitter comes in pots, bottles and puffer bottles. You can apply with your finger if you are painting at home. If you are painting in the public, use a puffey glitter brush that you keep seperate and dry. Using a puffer bottle means you can just puff over the face. Make sure the child closes their eyes first!


Liquid Glitter 

Liquid glitter is very fun to use. They come in squeezy bottles, and you can 'draw' with the gel. The best liquid glitter gels are very concentrated and dry quickly.

Top 5 Liquid Gel Glitters for Face Painting

  1. Amerikan Liquid Bling.
    Very hard decision between one and two. Amerikan wins purely from a packaging perspective.
  2. Mehron Glitter Mark. 
    Strong and virbrant, this is an excellent product.
  3. Make your own. 
    Using Aloe Vera Gel, Global Liquid Base or some other type of non scented/coloured cosmetic safe gel, mix with cosmetic glitter to create your own version of liquid glitter.
  4. Global Liquid Glitter 
    A bit runny, dry to slow, and generally not amazing. But a great price.
  5. Radical Liquid Glitters 
    Last on our list because they dont come in squeeze bottles, but tubs, so hard to use as a detail. But super cheap so great for a budget and not a bad paint for a liquid.

Metallic Powders 

The ultra fine powder is available in different metallic colours. They can be used dry or mixed with Mehrons Mixing liquid to form a water-based liquid paint/make-up. Great for line work and full coverage effects.
Once you try this effect, your designs will achieve a very Professional look and stand out from all the rest! This is also the make up that professional statues use.

Top 5 ways to use Mehron Metallic Powder:

  1. On It's Own - Rub the Soft powder straight on the skin with your finger pad or powder brush. This will give a soft shimmer, beautiful for blushes and accents. You can use as an eyeshadow too!
  2. With Mixing Liquid. Mix a small portion of Mehrons Metallic Powder together with Mehron Mixing Liquid to form a metallic ink. Vibrant and beautiful! Use with Brush or Sponge.
  3. Add to face paint. Sprinkle a little powder in your face paint to add a shimmer effect that really brings out the colour. Basically, your silver will be more silver!
  4. As a highlighter. Use a puffy brush and add over the top of your face paint or make up for a highlighted effect. 


Bio Glitter 

Bio-Glitter is the new era of cosmetic grade glitter at The Face Paint Shop. Made from natural plant film, bio-glitter is as the name states biodegradable, meaning that it breaks down over time reducing environmental impacts. Complete with an easy to apply puffer bottle, bio-glitter is a fantastic way to add sparkle and magic to your face and body designs with the peace of mind that you are also being environmentally friendly.

Metallic and Pearl Cakes 

Most brands have a metallic or pearl range. These cakes are shimmery and beautiful. They are not a replacement for glitter, but you can use both for a lovely shimmer design.

We only stock quality FDA approved non toxic face and body paint