Need some help with SFX or face paints for Halloween? The Face Paint Shop has your back. 

Here is a list of some of our great products that will help you for Halloween parties, trick or treating, or just general fun! 

Fake Blood
The essential! We have a few different types. The Face Paint Shop has our own range of fake blood under different blood types. Our blood is made in house, and comes in a variety of different colours and textures.  Try Mehron Squirt Blood for general drippy blood or the Mehron Coagulated blood if you want your blood to look like it’s dried up and gross. Global Colours have several types of blood, and we even have a Global Blood Kit to give you a taste of them all.  Want to eat it? We have you covered with edible blood and blood capsules you can chew on. Make it all work with some realistic bruises from the Mehron Bruise Wheel. 

Teeth Effects
The Face Paint Shop has you covered for teeth effects! Want to black out your teeth? Look like you have green teeth/spinach in your teeth effect, or have your teeth covered in blood? We also have that awesome golden teeth look or gross nicotine yellow stain!

Vampire Fangs
Speaking of teeth. We have these amazing vampire fang sets. They come with an amazing professional quality set of fangs, and a range of putty utensils that allow you to actually mould your teeth to the fangs, so they are custom fitted! How cool! We have standard size, smaller subtle sized, plus awesome blood tipped ones, and GLOW IN THE DARK!! (this just got serious!)

Cool SFX Stuff
Want some cool stuff that has unlimited possibilities? How about the liquid latex or extra flesh to build up amazing looking scarring? There are heaps of different sizes in a few different brands. Or try the rigid collodion scar maker will allow you to create horribly amazing effects! Use 3D gel as well! Then cover everything up with the Diamond FX skin tone pallet, or your shade of Mehron Stick Foundation.

Too complicated? Yep, I agree. That’s why we also have great pre -made scars available. Try the gaping wound or vampire bites from Dr Tom. Want something more advanced? Use the Reel FX range of latex kits. Stick them on with either the Global colours cosmetic glue, or if you want something stronger, try spirit gum. Remember you’ll need spirit gum remover too if you use a lot of the stuff!

Going as a ghost, vampire, witch, The Joker, or anything else? You’ll need colours from either the Diamond FX range or the Global Colours range. Diamond FX is a European range and the most amazing quality. Global Colours is Australian and GREAT value.

Ears, noses, masks
Just want to do something little? Pick up the awesome Diamond FX Latex Elf or Orc Ears. Stick on and set to go. We also have some cheap goblin ears too! Plus a great nasty wicked witch nose. Want to cover up completely? Go all out with the amazing latex orc mask, or perhaps something similar like the Phantom Mask, Bane style restraint mask, or beautiful spider web mask?

Need anything else? Pop into The Face Paint Shop 6 days a week, or shop online at – Australia’s favorite face and body shop!

Working as a Face Painter for Halloween and a bit stuck for designs? Here is a few ideas.

Vampire – Vampiress – Monster – Zombie – Gothic butterfly – Evil Queen – Pumpkin – Bat – Bats across a starry sky – Black Cat – Witch – Wizard – Ghost – Graveyard – Spidercat – Spiderwebs – Haunted House – Evil Joker – Bloody Mouth – Mummy – Skull


We only stock quality FDA approved non toxic face and body paint