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Dangers of Cheap Face Paints

Dangers of Cheap Face Paints

This horror story bought to us from the original teaches us once and for all that cheap face paints are just not worth the risk. 

Last year, I started a business where I provide children’s birthday parties and special events with cartoon mascot characters.  Having little artistic ability, but a great idea of adding face painting as an option, I began studying the art of face painting. I went to a local craft store store, picked up the cheapest face paint and thought I could practice on my 3 year old daughter.

My first time ever doing this, my daughter wanted to be a kitty cat. I added some whiskers, gave her a cute pink nose…she tells me her stomach is hurting her. I just figure she is getting fidgety and go to add some brow lines. All of a sudden, she collapses forward onto me shaking. I pick her up and her eyes were rolled up into her head. Terrified, I hold her to me thinking I did something wrong. Her episode finally stops and I rush her to the doctor. They inform me that she probably had a seizure triggered by the smell of the paint.

Of course I never wanted to face paint again. I completely gave it up. Several months later, we went on a beach vacation, and there were face painters there. My daughter wouldn’t stop begging for us to let her get a work of art on her face.  We caved in and I stood in fear expecting the worse. Well, nothing happened! She was just a happy little girl with spongebob on her cheek.

Upon returning home, I went online and found Philadelphia Tivoli.  I read her suggestions on the type of paint to use and her beautiful designs, and I decided to give it another try. My daughter was excited to get butterfly eyes. I again was nervous. However, she came through like a champ! She is now my practice board and we have not had any incidents since.

Moral of the story is, please do not buy cheap paints. I do not know for sure if that is truly what caused my daughters one and only seizure, but it still scares me. I never should
have put her in danger by using cheap paints. It’s worth every penny to get the good stuff.

Blog by Erika Cataldi

Content gained with permission from

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