We have a huge range of awesome stuff for cosplay. We regularly show at SupaNova, Comic Con and other cosplay events. Need something special? See Product Sourcing to see if we can get it for you. 

Special FX

The Face Paint Shop has a huge range of super cool SFX products that will help you make anything you want. Going as a zombie or monster? Use the Scar Maker to create really easy to use, but super realistic scars. Plus you can stick pre made scars right on with the Dr Toms Scars or Reel FX scars. If you are creative, use the liquid latex to create amazing effects. Plus we have some great kits to give you a selection.

The Face Paint Shop is proud to offer a very large selection of fake blood options. We offer our own range of blood in a variety of shades and textures. If you are after fresh red blood, try any Positive blood, or if you want darker stale blood, then any Negative Blood. “O” Blood is a super liquid blood that can be sprayed on you and your clothes. “A” blood is a liquid typical blood, and “B” is a thicker congealed gel blood. Choose your friend! We also stock a large range of Mehron blood.

Don’t forget about those pearlers! Use the Mehron Tooth FX for various effects on your teeth. Tooth FX is a long lasting very safe paint designed for use on your teeth. It comes in Black to look like you are missing teeth, green for that Pop-eye look, yellow for a gross nicotine effect, gold for a mobster, and red for blood.

Speaking of teeth. We have these amazing vampire fang sets. They come with an amazing professional quality set of fangs, and a range of putty utensils that allow you to actually mould your teeth to the fangs, so they are custom fitted! How cool! We have standard size, smaller subtle sized, plus awesome blood tipped ones, and GLOW IN THE DARK!! (this just got serious!)

 Costumes and accessories. 

We have a small selection of costumes, and heaps of costume accessories. We already mentioned the amazing Vampire Teeth, but we also have some very cool bow ties, and our favourite rainbow suspenders.  Are you going as Japanese Anime? We have some beautiful sequin bow headbands.  We also have some pretty cool eyelashes that are always changing, plus spare eyelash glue.

Primal ‘Superhero’ contact lenses are quite popular

Contact Lenses

The Face Paint Shop also stocks a selection or Primal Professional Contact Lenses. Contact lenses are a fantastic way of bringing a character to life and are great fun to work with. Always allow contact lenses to soak in saline solution for a couple of hours prior to use to remove any harmful bacteria and irritants. Each set of contacts comes with its own contact storage case and has a fantastic 3 month life span once opened.


Aiming for a particular skin tone? Are you going as Avatar or Mystique? We have the absolute perfect products to achieve it. Want an all over colour? We have a fantastic selection of paints and make ups to bring your character to life. We stock lots of colours, including neon uv colours, metallic colours and the perfect The Simpsons Yellow.  When choosing face paints for cosplay we recommend Diamond FX (Especially black & white) TAG Body Art or Global Colours face paint cakes.

If you are looking at just painting your face, and want more of  make up, use the Mehron Cream Blend Sticks. They are literally a high quality foundation ( We all use them!), but in strong vibrant colours like pink, green, yellow, grey and white. Speaking of white, if you are looking to lighten your skin for anime effects, try the Mehron Clown White, or the Diamond FX Skin Tone Palette.

Neon UV Paints

We have the coolest range of UV activated products. In fact we have an entire shelf of Neon products that all glow under a black light. Diamond FX, TAG Body Art and Global Colours both make great cake based paints in 6 colour pallets. Want the full effect? We have a selection of Neon 32g cakes from Both Diamond FX and Global Colours. Don’t forget a little portable black light to glow your paints, or use the glow in the dark face paint. 

Choosing between Make Up or Face Paint?

A common question among the cosplay community is whether or not make up or face paint is the best option to take for character colours. The answer to this questions is both. The question of which option to use is really up to you, it just depends on the look you are going for and what are your priorities.

Make Up

Make up is fantastic in the sense that it is comprised of smooth creamy oils which are fantastic for coverage and blending colours. Make ups also work well in sweaty environments and over a long duration have a better feel on the skin. The down side of make ups is that it can be difficult to prevent colours blending as make up tends to remain moist. Another negative is that they are smudge prone and lack durability as tend to rub off and smudge is pressure is applied. A counter to the smudging problem is to apply a colourset powder which will absorb some of the oils in the make up allowing it to set a bit better.

Face Paint

Face paint comes in a huge range of colours and is typically cheaper than most make ups of their weight range. The face paints that we recommend are a cosmetic paraffin wax base and require a bit of water to activate them. One of the greatest strengths of face paint in addition to its strong colour is its durability. Paraffin wax based face paints are very smooth once they are dry, don’t crack or flake off and are very resistant to smudging. They are also quite easy to remove, warm water and soap being the best method however baby wipes work well as well. One of the down sides of these face paints is that over a long duration they will not feel quite as nice as a make up does. While very durable, in a sweaty environment the durability begins to ware off. A counter to the sweaty environments is to apply a barrier spray over the top of the face paint once it has been applied and allowed to dry on the skin. This will help keep the paint set if the wearer begins to perspire.

We only stock quality FDA approved non toxic face and body paint