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How to stop balloons from popping.

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Pop Pop Pop! Is There a Way to Stop the Balloons From Popping?


The sudden pop of a balloon can be frightening and startle you if you’re not prepared for it, but what causes balloons to pop? It all has to do with the twisting and tightness of the balloon when you first inflate it. If you twist your balloon too tightly or inflate it too much, it will pop as soon as there’s pressure on the seams of the balloon, causing them to burst and destroy your hard earned creation.


Here are the top reasons your balloons are popping and how to prevent it.


Why Are My Balloons Popping?

When you twist balloons, they will naturally pop. It is a very common occurrence and something you may have experienced if you’ve ever tried making balloon animals. But why do they pop? Well, there are three main reasons: humidity, pressure, and twisting. These factors can help explain why popping occurs and how balloon artists have overcome these challenges to provide successful balloon animal entertainment for events.


Over-Twisting The Balloon Twisting Balloons / Animal Making Balloons — Party Planet

When you’re twisting balloons for parties or decorations, it’s important not to over-twist them. Over-twisting will cause balloons to pop and lose air much more quickly than normal. To get around that, be sure to keep an eye on your balloon twists; as soon as you see them starting to distort and lose shape, that’s when you should stop twisting.


Affected by heat or cold

One of my clients’ balloons popped when left in their hot car, even though they had just bought them. Since balloons are made from natural latex, exposure to high heat can make them pop. Hot temperatures accelerate latex degradation, making it more susceptible to bursting. In extreme cases, car boot temperatures have been known to rise enough that some balloons explode before you ever get in your car! Heat can also affect balloons before you blow them up by degrading the latex. Keep your balloons in a cool dry place away from the sun. Some artists like to keep their balloons in eskies while travelling to ensure they are kept at a perfect temp.

Kidrobot POP! 'Corn and Pups Mini Figure Series | GadgetsinBalloons are old

Old party balloons are prone to bursting. As they age, balloons can develop microscopic holes which causes them to pop at unexpected times and could lead to injury when there are too many in one place. This is due to their latex composition degrading over time. To keep balloons from popping, purchase new ones for your next birthday celebration or simply re-inflate old ones before you use them again

Balloons are poor quality and too thinOne Pop Shop: Balloon Artist Clare Fischer - MankatoLIFE

The balloons that come from party stores are poor quality. They pop from too little helium because they are too thin. Thick or high-quality balloons are usually only available in specialty shops. Party stores are fine for small birthday parties, but if you are twisting balloons its important to get a reputable brand like Qualetex or Premier.

Animals That Don’t Pop

Inflated animals like monkeys, donkeys, elephants and giraffes are less likely to pop. The elongated shape of these inflatables allow them to stretch past any trouble spots in their construction. When selecting your animal balloon, keep in mind that they will be made out of thicker latex than your typical balloon.


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