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Fundraising with Face Paints

Are you in charge of a fundraising event involving face painting?
That can be a tad stressful! It’s ok. We know what to do. 

Set up recommendations
Generally, we imagine you will be using volunteers or even students to face paint. Charge a small amount that covers both your investment in paints, with enough to make a profit. We suggest a gold coin donation, or a set amount of under $5. Even volunteers with art experience may be overwhelmed with face painting lots of kids at once, so instead limit the designs to the most popular ones, and ask the kids just to pick one of those. Unless you have set themes, we recommend a basic tiger, spiderman, fairy and butterfly. We can design step by step instructions with photo displays if you opt for them. Make sure your volunteers get plenty of practice before the event.

Product Recommendations
We have some fantastic premade kits designed for fundraising. They have everything you need for a set up, with options from a complete total set up to just replacing the actual paints. Click here to see our recommended fundraising kits. If you prefer, you can choose your own products to suit your circumstances. If your school already has some items, you might find it more cost effective to just grab the items you need, instead of a total kit.

To decide what you might need, work out what designs you want to be painting. Will you be painting set designs, or anything the child requests? If you want to cover everything, you’ll need more paints. A pallet is your best bet. Get a Diamond FX one as the 10g cakes are removable and more than one person can work on it at once. Ensure you grab bigger sizes of needed colours like red, black, and white.
If you choose set designs, then you’ll only need the colours for those designs. Diamond FX is a more quality brand, but Global Colours is better value. Try to stay away from liquid paints. Not only are they limited quality, but they won’t last for next years fundraiser.

You will also need
– Brushes and Sponges
– A Mirror
– Spray Bottle
– Water Container
– Baby Wipes
– Gloves

If you are still a bit lost, then give us a call. Tell us your budget, and we’ll put together a kit based on your needs. We suggest a budget of approx $250-$500 for a good fundraising face paint kit.

Purchase Orders
If your school uses purchase orders to buy things, please let us know before hand. We can accept purchase orders, but as we are a retail shop, we wouldn’t normally allow products to be sent out before payment. Instead, we can accept the purchase order but we will also need a credit card as security. If payment hasn’t been made within 7 days, the credit card will be charged. Alternatively, we can accept visa and mastercard, plus paypal, bank deposit, and cash.

Sometimes your volunteers just need a guiding hand. The Face Paint Shop is happy to arrange a group workshop either in our studio in Wantirna South or at your venue. We can arrange to teach a basic overview of face painting, or specific designs for your event. We’ll ensure we teach your volunteers about hygiene, and taking care of your products. Workshops are suitable for children, although best of they are at least 10years and up. Please call or email for a quote.

Replacement Stock
Your cake paints will last for years, and all you will need is to replace items used. If requested, we can include a laminated list of products in your kit. Future volunteers can refer to the list, and know what to re-order. It’s easy to just call or email us to let us know what you need for each year. We can even send you a reminder on a set date so you’re never stuck.

Need anything else? Pop into The Face Paint Shop 6 days a week, or shop online at – Australia’s favorite face and body shop!