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Face Paints for Easter

Need some help with face painting with an Easter theme? We have written some tips to make your Easter face painting egg-cellent!
Generally try to stick to soft pastel colours. Pinks, purples, blues and yellows are all perfect. When we think Easter, we think soft pretty colours, so try to stay away from your neons and metallics.
Here are some lovely colours perfect for Easter.  Diamond FX Pastel Pallet
Diamond FX Pastel Pallet 6 x 10g for $40
– Diamond FX Lavender 32g cake for $11.99
– Diamond FX Sea Green 32g cake for $11.99
– Diamond FX Light Blue 32g cake for $11.99
– Diamond FX Fushcia Pink 32g cake for $11.99
– Diamond FX Yellow 32g cake for $11.99



If you want to keep your costs down, but not lose quality, consider some of the beautiful colours of the Global Colours range. We have selected several colours we think are perfect for Easter themed face painting.easter bunny

– Global Colours Light Yellow 32g cake for $6.95
– Global Colours Pink 32g Cake for $6.95
– Global Colours Magenta 32g for $6.95
– Global Colours Lilac 32g for $6.95
– Global Colours Baby Blue 32g cake for $6.95
– Global Colours Teal 32g Cake for $6.95
– Global Colours Stone Grey for $6.95


Since you’ll have heaps of kids to paint, and they all want Easter designs, the best Easter themed splitcake is the Diamond FX tropical rainbow cake. The soft rainbow is absolutely perfect for easter designs, and we have it in two sizes! Use the 30g cake with a Heart Face Art 1″ brush for beautiful one stroke designs, or the 50g longer cake with a sponge for full face designs. Perfect! Diamond FX Tropical Rainbow 30gDiamond FX Tropical Rainbow



The Face Paint Shop also has two Easter face painting kits with everything in it you’ll need. If you are starting from scratch and need everything, try the Ultimate Easter Bunny Kit at $69.99. If you just need to top up a few items try the Easter Refill Kit for $29.99. Covered!