Wordboards are increasingly more popular that displaying images when face painting. Images of your work is great, but it limits your creativity. Plus your image may not reflect your work now, or that new splitcake you recently bought from The Face Paint Shop! Kids tend to expect exactly what's on the display board, and of course you can never paint a design exactly the same way! 
Word boards are a new way of giving options. Display the word of the design instead and kids can choose from the words displayed. The Face Paint Shop offers a selection of pre-made word boards for FREE! 

We suggest you download print the designs you want to offer. Each download has a choice of 4 different styles of that word. Choose the one you like the best and cut that out. A great plan is to laminate the words and stick velcro dots to the back. Display the designs you want to do on a giant poster/A frame etc. Velcro dots means you can change the designs and add new ones when you learn more. It also means you can remove a design if you run out of that colour (or get really sick of painting dinosaurs!) 

Let us know if you need a design not currently available below. 
Fairy        Dinosaur

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